Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about inappropriate behavior by a co/star


With Hollywood under the firm grasp of #MeToo, many actors stepped forward reporting their experiences of sexual misconduct and the latest in the list is Sarah Jessica Parker.

The 54-year-old ‘Footloose’ actor revealed to NPR’s Fresh Air in an interview that she had once become subject of inappropriate behavior by a male co-star on-set which prompted her to report the incident to her agent.
She said that the actor was “behaving, not only inappropriately, but perhaps even I would say, they weren’t living up to contractual obligations as well.”

“I think no matter how evolved or how modern I thought I was, I didn’t feel entirely in a position — no matter what my role was on set — I didn’t feel as powerful as the man who was behaving inappropriately,” she said.

“Which strikes me as just stunning to say out loud, because there were plenty of occasions where it was happening and I was in a different position and I was as powerful,” she added.

“I had every right to say, ‘This is inappropriate.’ I could have felt safe in going to a superior. And, in fact, I will say, when there was a situation with somebody and I did go to my agent because I felt I was no longer able to convey how uncomfortable this was making me, how inappropriate it was,” she went on.

“Within hours everything had changed. He said to them, ‘If this continues, I have sent her a ticket, a one-way ticket out of this city,’ where I was shooting, ‘and she will not be returning’,” she added further.

Moreover, speaking about the #MeToo movement in the interview she revealed that the campaign had opened her eyes.