Salt/N/Pepa Sued by Spinderella for Her Share of the Pie


Salt-N-Pepa are being sued by their former bandmate, DJ Spinderella, who claims she missed out on millions in royalties due to the pair.

Spin has filed a suit against her two groupmates stating she was swindled out of dollars dating back to 1999.

Spinderella has filed suit against her groupmates of almost 35 years, claiming that things started getting rocky after she was promised one-third of the royalties for the groups 1999 Best Of album, alleging that she and even got a phone call telling her she would be receiving $125k, only never to receive a dime.

DJ Spinderella, the longtime DJ for Salt-N-Pepa, is reportedly suing her former group mates, of over 35 years, for unpaid royalties, trademark infringement, fraud, and breach of contract. She claims her per-show payments did not arrive on time or regularly, and when she complained about her low salary, she received notice of termination from the band’s lawyers.

Spinderella goes on to say that she was again promised a third of the royalties from The Salt N Pepa Show which ran in 2007 but she did not receive her share of the money from the reality show.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, that was just the beginning. However, the biggest kicker is that this year she found out the group had been paid $600K in royalties by SoundExchange. She ultimately accepted a deal under which she would defer 50% of her pay for the Vegas shows in return for a higher per-show fee for the group’s national reunion tour with New Kids On The Block, called “the Mix Tape Tour”.