Robert Downey Jr. got arrested for smoking pot at Disney World, says actor at D23


Hollywood’s leading actor Robert Downey Jr. who is known widely as someone who could be found doing the most eccentric things at the most unusual places, stepped forth narrating an incident that has him written all over it.

During the D23 Expo, the actor jumped on the stage to accept his Disney Legends award on Friday and shared a story from his life that isn’t leaving fans too surprised.

“Here’s a bit of trivia for you. The very first time I went to Disneyland I was transported to another place — within moments of being arrested,” he said.

“I was brought to a surprisingly friendly processing centre, given a strict warning, and returned to, if memory serves, one very disappointed group chaperone. I’ve been sitting on that shame for a while and I’m just going to release it here tonight,” he added.

“I would like to make amends to whoever had to detain me for smoking pot in a gondola without a license,” he went on.

“And I don’t want to further confuse the issue by insinuating that pot smoking licenses for the gondola are in any way obtainable,” said the ‘Iron Man’ star.