Meet Kaitlynn Carter: Miley Cyrus’s new love interest

Meet Kaitlynn Carter: Miley Cyrus's new love interest

Just days after Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their split, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ star was seen getting intimate with Kaitlynn Carter in Lake Como, Italy.

Miley then revealed she is dating Kaitlynn, a blogger and reality TV show star who’s making headlines recently.

Kaitlynn has since then piqued the interest of Miley’s fans, as little is known about her.

Before becoming involved with Miley, Kaitlynn had maintained a low-key life, most of which involved running a blog and an e-commerce website.

Here are four lesser-known things about Kaitlynn:

1. Kaitlynn was married to Brody Jenner before splitting up with him this year

They dated for nearly five years since 2015.

Kaitlynn and Brody got married in Bali, after Brody proposed in 2016.

However, ET reported that Carter and Jenner were never legally married, since they didn’t tie the knot officially in the US.

2. Kaitlynn appeared on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ with Jenner before their split

Kaitlynn also starred in ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ with Jenner, something she was not very fond of.

“It seemed like kind of a crazy idea for Brody to be back on TV and for me to be on there in the first place,” Carter told Us magazine.

3. Kaitlynn spent time with Miley in Italy before the VMAs

Kaitlynn was seen vacationing with Miley in Italy, post parting ways with both their husbands.

She also posted pictures from their holiday in Italy.

The two women had reportedly been hooking up for a few months before they both split from their husbands.

4. Kaitlynn is inactive on her blog now and is developing a skincare line

Kaitlynn used to run a lifestyle blog called ‘The Western Wild’ which she started in 2014.

The blog, which was subsequently renamed “Hey Miss Carter,” appears to be defunct now.

However, Kaitlynn has new plans now as she is keen on launching a skincare line soon.

She also runs an e-commerce site, called Foray Collective, with her friend Tiana Haraguchi. The site, which was founded in 2015, focuses on emerging brands and designers.